A document in which a great figure from the past stated his policies regarding education

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Dear fellow citizens, ever since our nation was founded, our ancestors have held up the great ideal of valuing morality. It is thanks to our country’s excellent national character that we have been able to achieve beautiful results to this day through the united efforts of all our people for the sake of our nation and family. I believe that this is also the basis of education.

Dear citizens, please express your gratitude to your parents who gave birth to you and raised you. If you have siblings, encourage each other and say, “Let’s do our best together.” Couples who have been brought together by fate should always cooperate with each other, saying, “Let’s help each other.” With friends you interact with at school, etc., learn to trust each other and say, “We understand each other.” Also, if you say or do something wrong, immediately reflect on yourself by saying, “I’m sorry, I’ll think about it,” and try again humbly. We can’t do anything on our own, so let’s always be considerate and expand our circle of benevolence by saying, “I’ll be kind to everyone.” Everyone studies and trains in order to improve their abilities and character, so let’s refine our knowledge and virtues with the enthusiasm of “studying willingly and making efforts.” Furthermore, once you have developed your own abilities, find a job where you can make use of them, and work for the public = for the world and for people, with the feeling of “I’m happy to help.” Please respect the constitution and laws necessary to maintain order in the country, vow to keep your promises, and follow the rules. If we are faced with an emergency situation that threatens the peace of our nation and the safety of our people, we must resolve to “must courageously do our best” in our respective positions and do our best to protect our beloved homeland and fellow citizens.
The things I just described are essential to know as a good citizen of our country, and if you strive to put them into practice, you will also be inheriting the unique virtues of our country that your ancestors have preserved and handed down since ancient times.

The path that such people should follow is the same as the lessons that our ancestors of the imperial family have preserved and handed down. These “things that are good” for both the imperial family and the people are our country’s tradition, so let’s keep it in mind and always cherish it. This traditional human path is nothing but a universal truth that has not changed since ancient times and is fully applicable even overseas.
Therefore, together with the people of Japan, in order to cherish these teachings and maintain high moral standards throughout my life, I would like to express my gratitude to you by saying, “First, I will try it myself.” I would like to try to put it into practice and set an example.

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